Who we are

Who we are


We are proud to say that Team S.A., a Mexican architectural design and consulting firm specializing in facilities and space management is our first distributor to be added to our international partner list, and who are our exclusive partner for Mexico. Team S.A. will be handling all distribution, marketing and sales, as well as services for Best CMMS in Mexico. This includes developing a reseller program for the Mexican market. Team S.A. will also aid us in further developing the South American market as we move forward.


We established our Western Hemisphere operation which will be managed by The Joseph Phillip Group, Inc based in the United States. The Joseph Phillip Group is responsible for establishing partnerships between GFD Management and distributors as well as resellers in the various countries throughout North and South America. We chose to work with The Joseph Phillip Group, Inc because of our previous long-term association with them as a MicroMain reseller and consultants specializing in Healthcare. They have worked with us previously as co-consultants with the MicroMain platform, and also worked with us on developing specialty aspects of the fmWEB platform for healthcare and space planning; this is part of our plan to completing our expansion to a global facility management software provider.

 The rebranding of our fmWeb application under the new name of Best CMMS is part of that strategy as well, and was also key to not conflicting with another product in the US market of the same name. Going forward, all future software will reflect the Best CMMS brand name.


fmWeb, our web based CMMS/CAFM application was awarded the European Innovation Award for “Best of Cross-Industry Internet Solution”, a certification and proof of concept, for the software which our customers were already utilizing


GFD Management launched “fmWEB” as the first completely web-based CMMS/CAFM application on the market utilizing the Microsoft SQL platform, and successfully implemented it in different laboratories in Eastern Europe starting in early 2013. This was the final separation from our association with MicroMain US, and their CMMS client/server based platform.

Other milestones of the “fmWEB” application included the implementation of an embedded Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), the integration of an international calendar, a 3D Model Viewer for CAFM, an “Essentials” application to connect to any kind of Mobile Devices, and last but not least to enable the application to run on different operating system platforms such as Linux and MacOS, and database platforms such as PostgreSQL, MySQL or ORACLE on the other hand.


We developed fmWEB, a completely web-based CAFM module, with the PrimaVista module as the tool to create the mark-ups and import tools for working with and integrating AutoCAD .dwf drawings into our web-based CMMS application. This application was front-ended utilizing Internet Explorer 11 because it contained the Active-X controls necessary to interface with Autocad’s web viewer.


We extended MicroMain XM (CMMS) to the mobile platform with the xmMobile pilot app for mobile devices,.This was the  first mobile application for a portable hand-held computer (PDA’s) for the MicroMain CMMS platform.


To promote our business in the European Market, MicroMain Europe LLC was founded as a sub-company of GFD Management AG, During this time we started to add a translation tool for multi-language capabilities. We also replaced the MicroMain FM (CAFM) module with our own CAFM (CAD Aided Facility Management) module.

With the increasing number of international customers, the application was translated into 6 different languages, including German, Russian, Georgian and Farsi with English remaining the core for the platform. The translation tool is now an integral part of the application and allows the translation of additional languages “on the fly”.


GFD Management AG, the developers of Best CMMS software, was founded as a consulting firm for Information Technology.

Driven by its customer needs, we soon specialized in Facility Management and related software and acquired the distribution rights of the US-based MicroMain CMMS Facility Management Software for Europe & Middle East.