Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Enterprise Software For Oilfield Service Companies

Increase efficiency and cut costs with fmWEB’s best-in-class software solutions and industry expertise.

In the petroleum and natural gas industry, great attention is being paid to safety, reliability, and maintainability of equipment. Various analyses are used to estimate the risk of hazards, pollution or damage to equipment. For such analyses, Reliability and Maintenance (RM) data are vital.

More emphasis has recently been put on cost-effective design and maintenance for new plants and existing installations. In this respect data on failures, failure mechanisms and maintenance have become of increased importance.

We have extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of the oil and gas industry. Our flexible, project- and asset-oriented solutions are digitally driven so that your organization can easily manage its entire contract, project, asset and service lifecycles.

Specific Features

  • Based on ISO 14224 & RCM Policy
  • Customizable based on Maintenance Policy
  • Multiple Work Flows for different types of Work Orders
  • PPM Scheduling based on Usage, Date, Event and Mixed Mode frequencies and strategies
  • Connect to a Control System for condition monitoring and auto corrective actions as well as auto meter reading
  • Technical Inspection work flow and risk assessment
  • Planning and management of maintenance projects like Overhaul including multiple work orders by different shops
  • Failure analysis tools and corrective actions
  • Spare Parts and Tools management system
  • Comprehensive Reports, KPIs and multiple Dashboards